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SHIWEED's journey


I am Cristina Ester, founder of Shiweed. Since I was very young, I've been fascinated by algae. As a child, I would walk along the beach with my father, collecting and examining the various types of algae washed ashore by the tides. I vividly remember telling him that one day, these marine plants would serve as food for astronauts. Somehow, it was clear to me that these algae possessed countless potential "powers" and would play a significant role in "saving" the world. Growing up in Galicia, I cherished the summers of my childhood spent there.

Cristina Ester fundadora de SHIWEED de pequeña con su padre

Years later, on the Costa da Morte, I crossed paths with Antonio, a globally renowned expert in Galician macroalgae. His passion for these marine plants reignited my childhood fascination, unintentionally prompting me to pursue this remarkable journey. Antonio's encouragement and companionship have been invaluable as I navigate this path.

Historia de SHIWEED Cristina Ester Cosmética natural de GaliciaHistoria de SHIWEED Cristina Ester Cosmética natural de Galicia


From that moment on, with crucial institutional backing for my project, I embarked on frequent journeys to Galicia. I sought out the most exceptional research and development teams at Galician universities and sourced the purest ingredients from each province to infuse into our formulas. Thus began the remarkable journey of SHIWEED, an adventure filled with extensive travel, profound study, and abundant learning within the captivating realm of Galician macroalgae and the depths of this fascinating region. This voyage is the culmination of my childhood curiosity and profound affection for the land that coincidentally granted me life.


Our greatest hope would be to see the brand grow with the same commitment and passion as in the beginning. Continue creating highly effective, custom-made products, without rushing and without deviating from the values ​​of the SHIWEED brand. We commit to actively participating in giving back to the coast everything it has given us. Furthermore, we join the movement promoted by the European Union and the University of Galicia, contributing to continuous research on macroalgae and collaborating in a committed manner in the development of their crops with sustainable environmental practices.

We understand algae as a natural resource that offers an infinite field of innovation that is essential for the future of the planet. From SHIWEED we want to do our bit so that Galicia goes down in history as one of the pioneering places to achieve this.

Our commitment also extends to supporting local crafts, safeguarding sea workers and small land producers.

Historia de SHIWEED, futuro e investigaciónBlanco y negro. Frasco de Shiweed, Marvelous Oil en el el mar de la Costa da Morte