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Welcome to SHIWEED, a realm where infinite universes converge with a shared outlook on life. Here, we present compelling narratives and individuals we've encountered along our journey: daring entrepreneurs, artisanal endeavors, small-scale producers, and visionary companies. This platform pays homage to a land we hold dear, brimming with stories, enchantment, and enigmas. Dive into this sphere of inspiration and accompany us on this thrilling odyssey.

Cerámicas de Clandestine, empresa amiga de SHIWEED


Clandestine is the brainchild of Sophie, a French artist who found her home in La Coruña after being spellbound by its oceanic allure. As a multifaceted artist, Sophie has dabbled in various forms of expression, but it was in Galicia where she found her true passion—creating artisanal ceramics. Nestled in a quaint studio in this coastal city, Sophie intricately captures the essence of the Galician Atlantic Ocean, translating its waves and movements into each of her pieces. Today, her work has garnered admirers from across the globe.

Teller de El Solitario, empresa amiga de SHIWEED

El Solitario

A nonconformist brand dedicated to breathing new life into classic motorcycles, transforming them into veritable works of art. Driven by unwavering passion and a commitment to imbuing each project with their distinctive style, they approach their craft with unyielding determination. Their emblem, a lone wolf, epitomizes their free-spirited ethos. Unbound by age or gender, they embrace a way of life characterized by boundless freedom. Additionally, they offer a range of biker and lifestyle clothing boasting bold design and superior quality. Solitaire epitomizes enthusiasm and liberation.

Cerámicas de Laura Delgado, empresa amiga de SHIWEED

Laura Delgado

a ceramist hailing from Cambre, a picturesque town in La Coruña. An industrious and meticulous artisan, she draws inspiration from ancient Galician pottery, the enigmas of the earth, and her innate creative flair when shaping her pieces. Her philosophy? To unearth the past in order to forge the future. In 2022, she was honored with the Galician Crafts Award for her work "O mundo do reverse, coctelería peliqueira," a fusion of traditional Polynesian porcelain with decorative elements inspired by entroido masks, iconic figures from the Ourense carnival. Her creations grace the dining establishments of renowned chefs, testament to her exceptional talent and innovation.


Cristina Ester, fundadora de SHIWEED

Porto Muiños

A company specializing in seaweed sourced from the Costa da Morte, along with the production of various marine products for consumption. This familial endeavor is spearheaded by Antonio, a seasoned mariner with a keen vision for exploring the macroalgae of his homeland and establishing global recognition. Their R&D&I department is in a constant state of evolution, delving into the endless realms of seaweed research. Don't miss out on their seaweed offerings—they are truly exquisite. Among our favorites are the curried seaweed tartare and the preserved urchins. Did you know they cultivate them? Always employing manual and sustainable practices. We're hooked.


Taller de Kike Ortega, artista amigo de SHIWEED

Kike Ortega

Kike Ortega is a passionate artist residing and creating in Pontevedra. Blurring the lines between his home and studio, Kike's living space doubles as his artistic sanctuary. With a profound appreciation for the ocean's treasures, he transforms found objects into captivating works of art. Whether crafting a cathedral of Santiago from abandoned basins or sculpting wonders from sunken barrel metal sheets, Kike's creations are truly awe-inspiring.

"Contemporary Art is very complex and requires knowledge and deciphering codes, just like Architecture, Literature, or Music," remarks Kike, speaking from the depth of his understanding and passion for his craft. With artistry running deep in his DNA, Kike believes in the power of personal connection when it comes to selling his work.

Mukta Yoga, empresa amiga de SHIWEED

Mukta Yoga

María has been dedicating her entire life to yoga. She trained as a Hatha teacher and now combines it with Navakarana Vinyasa, a discipline that unites breathing, sound and movement.

She has a small, cozy studio in La Coruña where she allows her students to experience the freedom that comes from knowing and caring for themselves through conscious and restorative practices. It only works with small groups to personally attend to the students and thus create a relaxed and intimate environment that favors connection with oneself. The schedules are flexible and you can sign up online even 3 minutes before it starts. She also does healthy food workshops and retreats where both things are combined. Highly recommended.